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"After helping tell the stories of thousands of people all over the world through the Chicken Soup For The Soul® series of books, I can tell you I definitely learned a thing or 2 about what makes a great story and how influential stories can be, In this book, Nick and Jack have laid out a master class on how to use stories to create a movement that will help you grow your business. Whatever your life situation, or whatever your business, you absolutely must read this book."
-Jack Canfield, Author & Co-Creator, Chicken Soup For The Soul®
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"This book changes everything!"
"Nick and Jack have an uncanny ability to take a fascinating, sometimes complex concept and distill it into very entertaining and easy to understand terms.

The information they reveal in this book is the reason I hired them, and you'd be doing yourself a favor to read this. This book changes everything!"

-Dan Sullivan
Founder of Strategic Coach®

"Unexpected Gem"
I had to read this book for my public speaking class. I am the kind of person who typically reads the Spark notes page and moves on. However, a friend told me that the book is actually worth reading. So, I figured I would read the first couple chapters and see what I thought. Admittedly, I was a little reluctant even though someone who knows me well said that it wouldn't be a waste of time. My time is extremely valuable to me, but this book was definitely worth the read according to my friend.

After reading it, I have to say that he was spot on. Wow. This book was everything I didn't expect it to be. I had only planned to read the first chapter or maybe two, but soon I found myself reading it at the gym or reading it before I went to sleep. Right away, I loved that Nick Nanton & JW Dicks talked about relevant, modern topics that correspond with pop culture to relay business ideas to anyone who needs them. So many people still listen to the Beatles or eat at fast food restaurants on a daily basis. Even this book is for business, it can definitely be applied to things like giving speeches or establishing relationships of any kind with a person.

- Bridgette LaRon Sims
"...beyond a shadow of doubt:
you should be StorySelling
"I can unequivocally assure you, these authors, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, are masters of the art, science and process of identifying, crafting and presenting stories for strategic purposes - selling, fundraising, motivating, inspiring, changing minds, attracting followings. 

I know their work personally. I have brought them into client situations, elite mastermind meetings. Recommended them. 

Their book is rich with examples, authoritative research, direct 'case history' experience. It gives you practical blueprints, nearly templates. 

Most importantly, it proves beyond a shadow of doubt: you should be StorySelling."

-Dan Kennedy
Legendary Marketing Strategy Consultant, Author, Direct Response Copywriter

This Is The Exact Outline And Process I’ve Used For More Than 10 Years.  It's The Foundation For Dozens Of TV Shows And Documentaries That Have Won More Than
11 Emmy® Awards And Generated
Millions Of Dollars In Sales!
Today I Want You To Have The MP3 Audio Book Of My Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book StorySelling And Discover The Most Profitable Brand Building Tool You Could Ever Ask For - The Ability To Tell Your Story!
My name is Nick Nanton and today I am an X-Time Emmy® Award Winning Director who has helped more than 3,368 clients from 64 countries to grow their business and position themselves as the absolute authority in their market by using the most powerful and influential tool ever created - your story. 

Think about this:

Every Marvel and Avengers movie continues to shatter records at the box office - but did you know the seeds of these blockbuster movies' success were actually planted fifty years earlier? 

You'll find out how in StorySelling: Hollywood Secrets Revealed, where my partner J.W. Dicks and I expose why StorySelling is the most powerful method of persuasion known to man - and how any entrepreneur or business owner can put it to work to create their own blockbuster success! 
From the science behind why stories are essential to the human mind - to the secrets behind the story elements that are irresistible to an audience - we are going to show you what made the greatest StorySelling campaigns of all time click and show you how to use those very same ingredients to create your own marketing juggernaut. 

Inside this practical, heavily-researched, and entertaining audiobook are the principles Hollywood uses to build its billion dollar franchises, and now they are yours to use in your business.

StorySelling: Hollywood Secrets Revealed is truly your ticket to your next level of business success.
The Power Of StorySelling Has Taken me Places I Never Imagined...
This Audiobook Will Show You Step-By-Step How To Use Your Story To Take You Anywhere You Want To Go!
Outside the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre with my parents and 3 children at the premiere for the first Broadway Show I produced, based on the life of Rudy Ruettiger.
With GaryVee at the VaynerMedia offices in New York City to talk about the future of using stories in content marketing to get attention and build brands.
With Glenn Beck, my wife and chief cinematographer talking about our film: Operation Toussaint that has raised more than $1,000,000 to prevent child slavery.
Here's what most people get wrong about building a brand and branding... 
They think a brand is a cool logo or some combination of fonts and colors. 

Here's the truth: your brand is nothing more than your story and branding is simply story telling. 

Therefore the best brands are simply the best story tellers. It's why you continue to hear the old adage of "facts tell and stories sell."

It's also why being able to tell your story more effectively will help you make more sales and grow an extremely powerful business more than any other hack or tactic or fad that comes across your screen. Your story is your story. It can't be copied or duplicated and is the only true USP you will have for your business. 

Become a master story teller and you will never have to worry about getting new business again. 
On stage at the Suncoast Emmy's with my business partners, my children and team celebrating another story we told through film. 
"People buy from people they know, like and trust. That’s all well and good, but how do you get there and how to you shine through the noise and the clutter of all the others out there? How do you gain influence and how to you resonate with others?

You do so by sharing your story or if you have several then through your stories.

When you tell your story, even though you may be giving direct insights to your personal story and experience, what the listeners is hearing and connecting with is their own story and recollection of similar sentiments. The more personal you make the story the more universal it will be and the more it will connect with others.

StorySelling will advance your selling, your connections and your results and can elevate you to new heights both personally and professionally and it can connect you with your audience, clients and contacts to remarkable degree.

Drawing on great examples from some of the best Story Sellers of Hollywood, you will soon discover how you can turn your story into your ticket to greater advancement, success, sales and how you can grow your business all while you probably will grow yourself personally as well. Highly recommended read."

-Mikkel Pitzner
Best-Selling Author & Serial Entrepreneur
"He's the "ninja" of personal story and branding."
"No one knows how to frame, tell and sell a story better than Nick Nanton. He's the "ninja" of personal story and branding. He's built an empire, helping scores of business owners and executives with his ability to craft the right story for the right person so that they maximize their presence and effectiveness in the market. 

Personal storytelling is, without question, an art and a science - the intricate combination of plot, branding, messaging, and presentation. Nick Nanton is the alchemist who brings these elements together in a book that equips you to communicate at the maximum level. Personal branding and storytelling are no longer an option, you do it right, or someone does it for you (probably wrong). You need this book, now.

-Brent N. Sapp
Entrepreneur and Story Teller
"everyone has a story"
"I enjoyed this book and the concept of storyselling. Specifically, I loved the four key factors to storyselling, and how storyselling can be used in anything from interviewing for a job to Christmas dinner with relatives. 

The key for me to why this book makes so much sense is that everyone has a story. When people tell stories that others can relate to and become emotionally attached to the storyteller as a result, good things are going to happen. Great book gentlemen!"

-Andrew Eilers
Sales Professional
"a how-to selling masterpiece"
"StorySelling: How To Sell Without Selling" is a home run peppered with brilliant stories, case studies, real-life examples and perfectly relevant anecdotes. Somehow Nick Nanton & JW Dicks have given us a how-to selling masterpiece that is revolutionary, informative, entertaining and inspiring. 

The moment you start reading "StorySelling", you will not want to put this book down until you've devoured the very last word. This should be required reading for anyone who needs to tell their story, which as you will learn from reading this book includes every single one of us!"

-Gerald Lucas
Real Estate Investor, New Jersey
"Nick is America's biographer."
-Larry King
Host, Larry King Now
"This book will make you look and sound like a genius."
-Brian Tracy
Best-Selling Author and Speaker
Evan Klassen Exclaims...
"I really love this book!"
"I really love this book. I never understood the power of the story till I have learned it from Nick Nanton and Jack Dicks. 

It really made a huge difference in my business. I have improved my social media engagement by 500% and have become a much better story teller. I would recommend this to you. If you are a business or person and would like to learn how to create a powerful authentic story. This book will help you with that."
One of the biggest objections I hear when it comes to creating video is....
"I'm Not That Fascinating! No One Wants To Hear My Story"
We all have self-doubts that our story isn't worth telling, and that's because we've lived our stories every day of our lives. 

What we need to do is piece together our story in the same way that a Hollywood Blockbuster would create a story and use the highs and the lows to create action, excitement, emotion and inspiration. 

In StorySelling I will show you exactly how to do that. Better yet, in the audiobook, I will tell you how to do it so you can immediately get the benefits of being a master story teller. 

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